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Our permanent testers are:

By Tracey 5.0

Exile-Brit in Germany. SAHM of 3 kids. Taught myself to machine embroider on my 50th birthday present to myself - about 2 years ago.
Chaos queen of the team: forever testing my boundaries, my machine boundaries, Antje's nerves, and taste.
Owner of @By Tracey 5.0

Unser Stick- und Nähstübchen

Unser Stick- und Nähstübchen - Karin and Heike

We met each other a few years ago on Facebook. We had the same hobby - product testers. In 2017 I (Karin) introduced Heike to my other hobby - sewing. However we still loved and love testing products so we created our blog 

Here we test and talk about sewing supplies and showcase what we create. We meet on a regular basis to record new 'How To' videos for our Youtube Channel.

Since 2018 we also do machine embroidery. We started with a Brother V3 and recently bought the Stellaire XE1. We are test embroiderers and have done so for different designers, but eventually decided to only test for one designer which is Antjes Shop Smart D'sign Embroidery, because we love her designs and can identify our self in her work and designs.

Creators of and at

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